6 Homeschool Subjects in your Homestead Garden | Midnight Sun Homestead
Memorial Day weekend is always the unofficial start of the summer season around here. With the weather warming up, the snow is finally gone, the mud is mostly dried out and we're ready to plant our gardens. Most of you in the lower 48 have had beautiful gardens growing already, makes me jealous! Up here in Alaska, our season is much shorter, but what we lack in days we make up in the hours of daylight. Currently, we're light 24/7. Officially, we have 19.5 hours, but we have dusk/dawn for a good 2 to 2.5 hours on either side of the sunrise or sunset. Interesting fact; in our part of Alaska, the sun doesn't set or rise this time of year. In fact, it doesn't even follow a straight path of east-west. Up here, the sun circles the horizon, "rising" in the far north-east and "setting" in the far south-west. It just dips below the horizon, leaving us with hours of dusk and dawn before being visible again. This makes our gardening extra special because we're out in it all day long! Our growing