Goals Cannot Be Achieved Without Discipline – Motivational Speech - Meter Father

 It’s one of the key elements of success in EVERY area of life. Without discipline there is no sustained achievement. With a lack of discipline there is a lack of success. GOALS can NOT be achieved without DISCIPLINE. DREAMS will not become REALITY without DISCIPLINE. Without discipline there is no greatness. This is not my opinion… this is fact. Most people will always go for the easy option now… never understanding the easy option NOW almost always leads to a hard life LATER.

 Successful people do whatever it takes now to ensure an easier life later. Sacrifice now… enjoy later. Discipline now… better life later. If you want to develop discipline in any area… you must make the end result important enough to you. When it’s life and death MOST PEOPLE will change… but when it’s ruining your life… most people won’t change. Don’t be most people. STOP and think about all the reasons YOU MUST CHANGE… and all the reasons you must maintain that discipline. You don’t have to wait for a life-threatening diagnosis in order to change. 


DECIDE TO CHANGE NOW. Think of all the pain that will occur in the future if you don’t change… and the amazing life you will live… and the positive impact you will have on people you love WHEN you do change! Link DEEP pain to the things that will cause you future pain…

 and link huge positives to the things that will give you future positives. The people that fail to maintain a disciplined lifestyle don’t know what they are doing it for.

 They have no goals and no targeted end result. You must have clear goals and deadlines. Imagine two people who need to arrive at the same destination.

 One has a navigation system, and their destination is locked in.

 The other has no idea where they ARE or where they are going… 

common sense can answer who will arrive at their destination first… (or at all)… 

Having clear goals is no different! Without clear direction you will end up in the wrong section! Successful people are always focused on the END RESULT. They start at the end and figure out how to get there from where they are. Unsuccessful people focus on where they are and how hard it is right now… they never understand that their LIFE will continue to be hard UNLESS THEY CHANGE THEIR APPROACH. Set your goals. Make them clear. Make them meaningful. Give them deadlines. You won’t always be motivated. You must learn to be disciplined. With discipline, your results will improve. When your results improve, your desire to grow will rise.


 It might well be THE MOST IMPORTANT PIECE. 

Conquer your-self. Show your discipline. When you practice consistent acts of discipline you are sending a message to your sub-conscious that you are in-charge. You are not being run by habit, or by automated activity like most people. YOU RUN THE DAY. YOU ARE IN CHARGE! GOALS can NOT be achieved without DISCIPLINE. 

DREAMS will not become REALITY without DISCIPLINE. 

Conquer your-self. Show your discipline. Set your goals.Make them clear.Make them meaningful.Give them deadlines.Sacrifice now… enjoy later.Discipline now… better life later. Suffer the pain of discipline now… so you can enjoy your results… so you can love your life, LATER.