Whistler recovering – going outdoors already at the vet | Whistler the Greyhound - El Galgo Estadosunidense
He's coming home tomorrow, Monday January 16, 2015. But he's already up and around, walking (hopping) with his Uruguayan celeste colored compression bandage. Enjoying the great outdoors in the back yard of Dra. Amoedo's clinic and pet hotel. along with the resident ducks. Whistler recovering outside at the veterinarian's clinic and pet hotel. Mariana says he can come home tomorrow. Just one more night of monitoring him with care nearby, one more day of intravenous antibiotics. Then tomorrow a week of oral antibiotics and pain medication, here at home. He's proven that he can get around ok. In two weeks the stitches come out, then after a week or two more of healing, the chemotherapy has to start. Though the amputation surgery removes the source of the pain and the location of the osteosarcoma, research into dogs with this terrible cancer shows that you must always assume the cancer has been spreading, even if not seen yet on X-rays. Whistler's lung X-rays were clear of any visual