We're going to the seaside, Dad! | Whistler the Greyhound - El Galgo Estadosunidense
Seashore. Now. Whether you think I'm ready or not! - that was Whistler's attitude a couple of hours ago. If you've been following along this blog, or our social media shares at Mark or Lisa's Facebook or Google+ sites, you'll know that Whistler has started walking (hopping) all over the immediate neighborhood again. But still, only within about a 1-to-2 block radius. Which also is within Mark's "I can pretty much carry this 30kg/75 pound dog back home... I think" just in case. A couple of days ago, he wanted to go all the way to the corner of the big street, down the long block to the main road. We shared those pictures on Facebook, and wow was he grinning! Here's one of them: Whistler at the wooded area near the bus stop - his first long walk post-surgery Last night, he did a full round-the-block fast hop. But today? Went up the street, then left towards the main road, then absolutely insisted on crossing it to the triangular undeveloped lot that has been one of his favorite "business