Sat Jan 17 AM update – Whistler up and around on 3 legs | Whistler the Greyhound - El Galgo Estadosunidense
Whistler is still with our lead vet, Dra. Mariana Amoedo, and is doing well. She just called us to say he's already walking around on 3 legs, and even was able to eat his food from a bowl on the floor - having the right balance to do that. Of course, it's not all perfect. When she checked on him middle of the night, "It was like watching a horror movie." A bit too much bleeding through the dressing. Not that bad a horror movie, though. Didn't bleed all over the place, just sort of an "apple-sized" stain. She re-did his dressings, and now has a compression bandage going on him - that wasn't appropriate immediately post-surgery. Looks like we'll keep him there until Monday, so that he's near to immediate care, has a bit more strength back, and can switch away from intravenous pain and antibiotics to pills. No doubt have to stock up on better-quality cheese to make medication cheeseballs - he was getting stubborn about the cheap stuff and was onto our tricks. Medications will be continued