First Day Home | Whistler the Greyhound - El Galgo Estadosunidense
Whistler is back home! Dra. Mariana Amoedo, his friend for a long time from boarding, who is the team lead who put together the surgical team and is in charge of his recovery, brought him home this morning about 11am. He hopped right out of her little VW, and insisted on taking a little walk with Mariana and Mark up the street to do some business and "leave his messages" before coming into the house, so happy to see Lisa. Got right onto his dog bed and stayed down while all hanging out together, then wanted some food. Here he is in his jumbo crate, enjoying a yummy chewy treat. Enjoying a chewy treat in his crate. It's the kind with some nutrition in it. (Some.) Mark picked it up at the local veterinarian mutualista Veterinaria SAV, his regular vet clinic, when he got Whistler's Tramadol painkillers. He's back. He can get around. But it's not at all easy, and we have to be careful that he doesn't try to overdo it. More importantly, we have to be careful we don't think he's better than