XCOM (2015) - Accessibility Teardown – Meeple Like Us
XCOM is a good game that can be great in the right circumstances. It’s a bit uneven but the frantic pace of the app is the main thing that keeps it interesting – the more sedate resolution phase is a touch lacklustre in comparison to the raw electricity that courses through the timed phase. We gave the game three and a half stars in our review, but we’ve certainly had four star fun with it on occasion. Accessibility wise this – is going to be a tricky one. The app integration in XCOM has a massive effect on each and every part of the game, but that effect is neither uniformly distributed nor experienced equally by every player. I’ve held off on reviewing this for some time because honestly I didn’t have a clear idea how best to approach the app. In the end I’ve decided ‘something imperfect that exists is better than something perfect that doesn’t’. That is, after all, the entire core philosophy of this site. For the app related work, I am indebted to Hayley Reid – you don’t see a lot from her directly on the site although she's listed on the About Us page. Over the past two years she’s been involved in my research work on board game accessibility on an occasional basis as a research intern. Over the summer of 2017 she was looking specifically at issues of board game app accessibility, and much of this teardown is drawn from her work.