Wits & Wagers Family (2010) - Accessibility Teardown – Meeple Like Us
I’m not really a fan of trivia games, or trivia in general. Wits and Wagers made a decent attempt to solve a lot of the problems I perceive in such endeavours but in the end it fell short of being truly compelling. We gave it two and a half stars in our review, noting that it does do something interesting with the questions but in the end there’s only so far its design can take you into fun. I don’t think we’ve covered a trivia game before on Meeple Like Us, so this is uncharted territory for the work we do. We’re going in here without a map, and will need some deep knowledge to make progress through this untamed wilderness. Unfortunately, all we have is a list of the national birds of American states and a conversion chart for acres into furlongs. Information is information though, right? I’m sure we’ll be fine.