Wits & Wagers Family (2010) – Meeple Like Us
I have a kind of seething resentment for the enduring affection people have for of trivia in popular culture. The popularity of trivia games and game shows seems like a constant rejection of the true importance of knowledge. It’s a focus on the inconsequential and memetic rather than on anything as gauche or sordid as genuine understanding. I’m an old curmudgeon and as such I spend a lot of my time railing against the evils of modern society. Mostly it’s tongue in check but not so with trivia. I think our cultural fetish of trivia is genuinely wicked because it makes us all seem smarter while encouraging us to become dumber. It’s all surface, no substance. We know many more things, but we can situate very few of them within genuine meaning. Information becomes knowledge only through praxis – without application and context you have little more than an assemblage of data. Cats are mammals. Fish are delicious. Humanity is obsolete and soon to be destroyed by the AI that has been birthed our own unconscionable arrogance.