Tokaido (2012) – Meeple Like Us
Tokaido is perhaps the most British game I’ve ever played and that might be surprising given how every element oozes Japanese aesthetics. It is a gorgeous, sumptuous feast for the eyes that combines elegant minimalism with evocative art. You take on the role of a traveler following the eponymous Tokaido as part of a personal pilgrimage. The Tokaido was the most important of the five major highways that connected the Japanese capital of Edo to the outer provinces of the island. In Tokaido, we look to squeeze every last moment of joy out of a journey that takes us from one end of the road to the other. Along the way we’ll meet exotic travelers, sample local cuisine, and admire the gorgeous panoramas that stretch the length of the route. It is very clearly a game lovingly drawn from Japanese tradition. It’s also very, very