Tides of Madness (2016) - Accessibility Teardown – Meeple Like Us
Tides of Madness is a taut and tense game of drafting cards and summoning Old Gods. It’s like Sushi Go: Sith Edition. It’s a perfectly good game – three and a half stars in our review is testimony of that. It thrives in situations where neither 7 Wonders or Sushi Go would be a good choice. There’s a lot of missed promise here though – it doesn’t have the distinctiveness of scoring that would have made it truly sing a song that could end the world. Let’s say though you wanted to buy yet another Lovecraft game and add it to the thousands that already exist on your shelf. Would this be one that would be accessible enough to consider? Let’s cast these sigils into the abyss and see what swarms up to devour us from within.