The Fox in the Forest (2017) – Meeple Like Us
I have many secret shames. Dark, terrible shames that nobody must ever know. Like the one where… wait, no. I can’t ever tell that story unless I want to spend the rest of my life dead in a Balinese jail cell. Hang on - if you’re a cop you have to tell me, you know. Right? One of my more relevant secret shames is that I have no idea what a trick taking game is and I have had this concept explained to me a good ten or so times by extremely earnest and helpful people. Every single time it’s like attending a lecture given by Charlie Brown’s teacher. Occasionally I say ‘Ah, now I get it’ just to make it stop. And every time I admit to this in public, without exception, someone will rise to the implied challenge and eventually retreat defeated. I suspect whatever parts of my brain that are needed to retain the idea just can’t hold it. It’s like my head is a hard-drive with malfunctioning sectors. I can occasionally briefly get a faint sense of comprehension but it’s like a half remembered dream. As soon as I stop fixating it's gone and I'm left saying 'So, I was playing Hearts with Stalin on top of a mountain, when Superted flew in...'.