Stay In Your Lane – Meeple Like Us
I think I’ve been consistently upfront with what I consider to be the biggest weakness of this site. It’s included as a disclaimer at the bottom of every teardown, and it’s persistently the thing that makes me feel most uneasy about Meeple Like Us on a day to day basis. I may be something of a minor expert on accessibility, insofar as a PhD qualifies anyone to consider themselves an expert on anything. I'm the first to say that is in itself a considerable leap of faith. However, I don’t have embodied experience regarding the vast majority of the things I say. I'm relatively abled, and yet I'm rating games for accessibility in circumstances where I have little day-to-day real life experience. Sure, I have my own minor intermittent impairments. I'm diabetic, with high blood pressure. Those two things occasionally flare up into problems that impact on my ability to play games. I have chronic shoulder pain that makes certain physical interactions uncomfortable, but not impossible. I'm profoundly short sighted. All of those things make a difference, but it's not the same as living with uncorrectable issues on a day to day basis. I mentioned all o