Scrabble (1948) – Meeple Like Us
The camera pans over a worn but well-maintained class-room. Wood paneled walls draw the eye and upon these are hung various posters and swish infographics. You can see the frequency chart for English on one wall, with a graph of the evolution of the Arabic lettering system hanging beside it. The room is filled with austere wooden chairs and desks, behind which are two dozen or so fresh-faced and uniformed officer candidates. Their uniforms are pristine. Their haircuts so precise and straight that you could use them to hang a painting. There’s a kind of nervous energy here – each of them was the top of their class during cadet vocabulary training and now they’re here to become leaders. They have mastered Scrabble. They have lived and breathed Scrabble for most of their young lives. They're not even sure why they're in a classroom at all - none of them has anything left to learn. They intend to give themselves, heart and soul, to the word wars. They're the best wordsmiths this generation has to offer. The best, and the brightest.