Sagrada (2017) – Meeple Like Us
We currently exist in a climate where the likely success of a Kickstarter pitch is measured as much in sheer tonnage as it is in game quality. Nowadays if you aren’t including enough plastic miniatures to field a WH40k brigade you may as well simply throw your hat out into the street in the hope sheer random benevolence gets your project funded. It’s nice then to see an elegant game like Sagrada emerge victoriously from the brutal Capitalist crucible of crowdfunding. It escapes that slaughterhouse with its purity intact and its design unsullied. It’s astonishing really that something so precise and so delicate could even survive, much less escape, with the requested funds in its cartoony swag bag. Sagrada is only than a nice dice-drafting game of stained glass panels and the curiously intricate windows that are created from them. It’s a whimsical and gentle idea that takes form as a genuinely satisfying game experience that is almost unimaginable as a representative of the Kickstarter zeitgeist.