Majesty: For the Realm (2017) – Meeple Like Us
Majesty is a game that’s something of a disappointment. It comes relatively hot on the heels of Splendor – a perennial favourite from the same designer. It has all the hallmarks of the ‘tricky followup album’ that appears in the wake of unexpected chart-topping success – there’s a lot of expectation, a lot of scrutiny, and it’s clear that some of that tension rubbed off on the output. Majesty feels like a timid game. It’s tentative. It clearly knows that it has big shoes to fill and equally clearly has no real idea of how to do it. It’s not that it’s bad, or poorly designed, or even lacking in its own quiet understated fun. It’s just an unnecessary game in a landscape where nobody has time to play all the necessary ones. There is no part of Majesty that isn’t implemented with more enthusiasm and more verve in other games. It feels listless and empty as a result. Almost as empty as the dead air inside the ridiculously excessive box.