Holding On: The Troubled Life of Billy Kerr (2018) - Accessibility Teardown – Meeple Like Us
Our review of Holding On: The Troubled Life of Billy Kerr was almost certainly an uncomfortable read. Just imagine how uncomfortable it was to write. At the end of finishing any of these posts I often think ‘Phew, glad to get that one done’ but rarely is it accompanied with a palpable sense of relief. I didn’t feel I could write an honest review of Holding On without cover the terrain I did. If there’s one word I’d like people to associate with Meeple Like Us, it’s ‘honest’. Or perhaps, 'authentic'. We gave Holding On four stars in the review but this is one of those rare cases where I think a rating genuinely is meaningless. It’s a kind of game that I’d like to see more often regardless of how it makes me feel to play.