Flash Point: Fire Rescue (2011) – Meeple Like Us
If you ever saw the Doctor Who episode ‘The Empty Child’, you’d be forgiven for finding the cover of Flash Point just a little bit creepy. Flash Point is not a Matt Leacock game, but it definitely seems to have been spliced together from some of his DNA. It’s not ‘Pandemic, but with fires’ but there are certain core mechanisms that draw heavily from that style of game. It’s got an action point system, roles, and an escalation mechanic that seems powerfully influenced by Pandemic’s epidemic cards. However, it gives its own particular spin on all of these systems by being a game that is crueler as a result of its heavy dependence on randomness and the claustrophobia of explicit spatiality. With Pandemic, the world is your stage. Within Flash Point, you’re dealing with the rooms of a single, chronically badly designed house.