Deception: Murder in Hong Kong (2014) – Meeple Like Us
I sometimes try to describe Deception: Murder in Hong Kong to people. I say ‘It’s basically CSI: Dixit’ . Sometimes I say ‘Columbo if it were set in the world of One Night Ultimate Werewolf’. The Dixit comparison in particular is quite odd though because it simultaneously captures perfectly the way I think of the game and it also comes across as bananas because it seems completely left field. The truth is that really Deception is only related to Dixit via a transitive properly of similarity. Deception plays like a streamlined version of Mysterium, which in turn plays like an overly bureaucratic version of Dixit. Deception is my favourite of the three. In other words, Deception: Murder in Hong Kong plays like the final deadly form of the Dixit World of Warcraft raid boss.