Clank! (2016) – Meeple Like Us
Somewhere out there, for any game that has achieved any kind of distinction in a crowded marketplace, is a convert that has made the propagation of that game their personal mission. They have felt the Call and inducted themselves into the Holy Church of Buzz. And, sheep that I am, I often find myself attracted to the sheer animal intensity of their enthusiasm. It starts off slowly. I feel a kind of radiated warmth from the heat a game is generating amongst the cardboard commentariat. The hotness intensifies. The fires spread. Almost everyone is talking about it. The ones that aren't soon will be because everyone else is talking about it. The blaze becomes all consuming. Everyone is burning in the radiance of its glow and they’re delighted. They’re gradually incinerated in a bonfire of agreement and appreciation, and after a few weeks all that remains are the ashes that blow away into the wind to the dissipating cry of ‘Best… game…. ever…’