Caverna: Cave versus Cave (2017) – Meeple Like Us
I own Caverna, but I have never played it. The first time I opened the box I spent so much time popping cardboard and bagging things up that I stood up from the table and said ‘That’s enough game time for one night’. I haven’t opened it since except as a kind of dire warning to people in my house. ‘Sure, I know you think this game looks complicated’, I rant as I wave a ten-page manual in their face. I pick up Caverna, a box as heavy as a couple of beagles, ‘But I could be making you play this’. I open a box to reveal a densely layered ,mess of wood and cardboard that, with enough time, will gradually ossify into coal. Caverna is, at least for me, and at least for now, little more than a reserve of fossil fuels in potentia.