Behind the Scenes of A Game Blogger's Patreon – Meeple Like Us
One of the things I really like to do with Meeple Like Us is write the stuff that I wished had existed before I made certain decisions and agreed to certain things. It’s something I do a fair amount in academia too – when I can’t find a paper that makes an argument I want to cite, sometimes I just go ahead and research/write the paper. It’s kind of like an adult colouring book but for pompous self-aggrandising. It’s nice sometimes just to fill in the blanks. It’s in that spirit I want to put this post in front of you – the post about Patreon that I would have valued at the time I was preparing to launch our own. I’ve already written some honest reflections about Patreon – particularly the anxieties and incentives behind ours. That post is more about the psychology of opening yourself up to the process and what It’ll take from you in return. Today I want to look at the nuts and bolts of the financials and the rise and fall of patron growth. Our third anniversary is coming up and we’ve been running a Patreon campaign for about ten months now. That’s long enough to draw some conclusions, as well as show you where the money goes.