Unique Writing Journals — Your Companion for Your Life Journey
You are a very unique person, and so is your life journey. There will be no other person like you on this planet. That’s why it’s helpful to write down all the life lessons you have learned. To help you preserve this wisdom, you can use different unique writing journals. Journaling is Helpful for Different Reasons Such as: -Releasing frustrations -Writing down the dreams you had the night before -Keeping your favorites quotes in one place -Taking notes while attending a spiritual teaching -Using to write down your gratitude daily -Writing down your state of mind and keeping track if you are making progress in your meditation practice -Writing powerful messages from your favorite books -A detailed story of that special trip you took -Writing down your sadness or any painful feelings -Writing poetry -Etc. Because these are very intimate and private feelings, you want to keep them in a very special place. Below are some suggestions of some unique writing journals that you can use. They have been carefully selected for their uniqueness and handmade qualities. Green Buddha Journal This beautiful journal is handmade in Nepal by Tibetan refugees. It is made by using Lotka paper which grows in the foothills of the Himalayas. Lokta paper has been used for hundreds of years in this region of the world. The technique of handmade paper making has been passed down from generation to generation. The paper is ecofriendly since the Lokta bush regenerates after 4 to 6 years once the bush has been cut to about 6′ (182 centimeters) from the ground. -The journal is 8×5.5 inches (20.32 cm x13.97 cm), a good size for carrying or to place in a backpack. -It’s lightweight, weighing about 7 ounces. -It has a handmade multicolored binding cord, which helps keep the journal secure -Since it’s handmade, the colors and texture may vary, which makes each journal more unique. -Check it out by clicking here Ecofriendly Writing Journal, Tree of Life If you are environmentally conscious, then you are going to love this journal. It is made out of recycled cotton and scrap fabric in India. Not only are you able to help save the environment, but you also get to write down your special thoughts in this Earthly journal. -It measures 6 x 8.25 inches (15.24 cm x 20.95 cm). -Contains unlined pages, perfect if you also want to draw in your journal. -You can find your last journal entry by using its jute place marker. Jute is a strong fiber made out of the Jute plant which grows mainly in India. -Each journal is special since it is handcrafted with recycled materials; this may cause some slight variation in the colors and appearance. -It is Fair trade, so you can feel good knowing that you are making a difference in someone’s life. -You can find more info here. Handmade Buddha Mandala Journal in Black This is a very sophisticated journal handcrafted in Nepal. On the center it has a very beautiful and striking Buddha in a golden mandala. In Buddhism a mandala is a spiritual symbol of the universe. -It measures 8 x 6 inches (20.32 cm x 15.24 cm). -Ecofriendly, containing Lokta paper. -It contains a place marker with a black tassel at the end. -Made fair trade which helps the local Nepalese communities. -Beautiful design, just by looking at it you will feel relaxed. -This journal is very unique since it is handmade, and slight variations can occur. -Click and find out more here. Handmade Om Notebook This bright colored journal is handmade in India. At the center of the cover you can find the symbol Om. This spiritual symbol represents an ancient mantra which is the sound of the universe. If you practice yoga, then you are probably very familiar with the Om mantra that is chanted during some yoga sessions. Let the Om be carried from your yoga sessions to your next journal entry. -It measures 5 x 7.5 inches (12.7 cm x 19.05 cm) -Ecofriendly, made out of recycled paper and cotton -It contains blank pages, ideal for sketching and for free verse poetry -Available in either red or orange colors -Each journal is uniquely made from different recycled materials, therefore some variations may occur. -Get more info here. Unique Writing Journals for Your Spiritual Life Listen to the words of your soul and write them down for future inspiration. You might be in the middle of your spiritual journey and get some really deep insights from listening to powerful teachings or reading some very inspirational books. However, at times our mind might wander and it’s good to have that knowledge written down so we can later reconnect with it again. Not that long ago, I found my first spiritual journal where I wrote down so many teachings I had learned. It was to my surprise that I didn’t even remember taking some notes. I’m glad I did, since it made me relive that very special teaching that I attended years ago, plus it had some information I had forgotten about. A journal is also very powerful for venting. It may not solve the problem right away, but it sure feels good to just let it out. After collecting a few journals over time, here are some pieces of advice: -Make sure to write down the date of your journal entry. -If you attended a teaching, write down the name of the teaching, location and the teacher. -When writing down a sentence or paragraph from a book, make sure to note the name of the book, author and page. This way you can revisit that specific section of the book again. -Keep a pen in the middle of your journal, that way you always have something to write with. -You can have more than one journal at a time. Some can be reserved for only very sacred teachings and others for keeping quotes, for writing down your worries, poetry, etc. -If you carry your journal in a tote or backpack, make sure not to place it next to any type of liquid that might accidentally spill and damage it. -Store it in an easy to find spot, if something inspirational came up, you don’t to be looking for it all over the house to write it down. Who knows, when you pass away the information stored in your journal might be beneficial to others. After all, there have been some famous people that kept a journal and that’s how we were able to learn some insightful lessons. Do you have any more advice that you would like to share? I would love to hear from you! Please write down your comments, suggestions or any questions you may have. May you find the journal that’s ideal for writing your life journey. May you have peace and love in your hearts. 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