RoMac Macro Pad | MechBoardsUK
The RoMac is a “Plaid” Keyboard Inspired Macropad intended for use alongside the Plaid or any other keyboard, or just by itself! MAIN FEATURES INCLUDE: MX/MX Clone Switches (PCB Mount ONLY) Kailh Low-Profile “Choc” Switches ALPS/ALPS Clone Switches – (Requires Top Switch Plate for alignment of switches. Not Included) -“Hot-Swap” Micro Controller. No soldering required for the main controller. Press Fit in and clack away! -Fully Supported/Powered By QMK Firmware Easy Programability Through The QMK Configurator Each RoMac Macropad Kit Includes: • x1 RoMac PCB • x1 RoMac Bottom Plate • x1 Clear 3mm Acrylic Cover Plate • x15 Through-Hole Diodes • x1 Reset Switch • x4 M2 6mm Spacers (Female) • x2 M2 8mm Standoffs (Female) • x8 M2 Screws • x4 Rubber Bumpon “Feet” • x1 Pro Micro BUILD GUIDE