Silver Rimmed Tamegroute Bowl - Maud interiors
Tamegroute Silver Rimmed Bowl A beautiful silver rimmed bowl from the Tamegroute pottery, a cooperative, in southern Morocco. Each piece is made by local craftsmen using techniques and a special green glaze handed down from generation to generation. Scroll over the images to see the bowl in more detail. The distinctive glaze, containing magnesium and copper, creates a multitude of colours ranging from earthy brown through rustic green to turquoise. There are infinite variations in the glaze so no two pieces are alike. Less than a dozen people know the secret formula for this glaze and so far no-one has been able to copy it although many have tried. This bowl is hand thrown and hand finished with a rim and base of beaten silvery metal. The silver contrasts with the myriad of greens in the the glaze. Size: 26cm (10.2")at the rim 11cm (4.2") at the base Clean with a damp cloth. Do not submerge in water.