My response to David Rovic’s essay “How Facebook killed the internet”
I wonder if the same things were said by folks when books became more prevalent, or maybe when newspapers and magazines started appearing. Or when radios first started getting popular, or television. All of those were paradigm shifts where suddenly more information and content became available than was previously imaginable and I'm sure they all seemed overwhelming to those experiencing it. I've heard stories that the music industry was deeply against radio when it first became available, and that the movie studios hated the idea of VCRs, and TV stations hated the idea of tivo. Napster & Bittorrent scared the bejeezus out of the music industry, yet by many counts it brought about the revolution that brought us ipods and removed the music industries model of buying 'albums'. Currently the cable companies are scrambling to deal with the idea that people can stream almost all their content and don't need cable packages and bundles. Change is scary.