Massage Techniques for Posture (with video and gifs) | Massage Sloth
Do you have clients who complain of pain related to poor posture? While we can't directly fix how they stand (this is largely a function of their nervous system), we can give them the freedom to make gradual changes more easily. This is a guide to accompany my video on massage techniques for posture: A quick note on communication: If someone comes into your office with a major complex about their posture, the next words out of your mouth could either do a lot to help them, or to add to their self-stigma. This is just like any instance where a client disparages their "bad knee" or "bad shoulder," as if that part were a villain that they would chop off if they could. You can either adopt their language, or you can use your own. Client: I get lots back aches because of my terrible posture. Therapist: Massage is great for bad posture! Let's fix that terrible posture of yours. or... Client: My posture is crappy and I hate it. Therapist: You do