Parent's Heart | Clean Your Inner House - With Dr. Mary
Something profound happens when one becomes a parent. Love overwhelms the heart. We gain a parent's heart. We want the best for our kids. We make decisions. We guide. We set boundaries. We teach right from wrong. We strive to impart only the best parts of ourselves. The problem is we fail at least I have. In an effort to raise young adults who are compassionate, self sufficient, and grounded in faith, I have put them under pressure. I have sent the wrong message. What was intended to teach was received as inadequacy. Recently, I was wallowing in self guilt feeling like I failed my kids. My logical brain knows there is no such thing as a perfect parent. Proclaiming unconditional love is often received as conditional. I haven't done a good job of knowing when to push versus guide. In all honesty, these are my feelings. I have no idea how my kids have received my version of parenting. I want my parental guilt replaced with a parent's heart, a parent's heart that is molded by God.