A day in the life of this creative entrepreneur [with a swirling, anxious mind this morning]
this is going to be a stream of consciousness list of all the things i have to complete before going to India and Bali for three months this winter. WOO HOO! i would like it to share what the hustle looks like for this particular creative entrepreneur. wish i was as relaxed looking as i was in the above photo shoot (thanks Darin Back!) My hustles: i am a performing musician and recording artist about to release an album next spring, a yoga instructor with weekly classes, workshops, and series in the mix, and am leading three retreats in the next 9 months. (Grand Marais MN, Bali Indonesia, and Taos New Mexico) i wouldn’t have it any other way and i LOVE working for myself however it takes great effort to not get overwhelmed and check out. may the creative infinite source i so believe in assist all of us as we move towards manifesting our dreams. all is coming. and while i woke up this morning with a familiar sense of “i can’t get enough oxygen” and inhales that don’t seem to fill my lungs completely (i’d call this anxiety!), i feel like writing and sharing this list might help at least give voice to what needs to be done. consider it a public way to get organized. to do for music & yoga before 2019 is up: address 200+ labels for kickstarter backers for my campaign to record the world is your lover (thank you)order the packages with which to ship t shirts & lyrics bookscheck in with screen printing shop to see if the order is in the works (chelsea printworks llc in st. paul is the bomb for screen printed t shirts)FINISH the lyrics books (a mixture of collage, handwritten lyrics, photographs, paintings) and design them order / print the lyrics books finalize album art for the sleeves of my new cds finalize song order for the album get the new single on cd baby so that it can be distributed to spotify & itunes (it’s already on bandcamp & soundcloud – give a listen!) work on the new one sheet for the album release in May for my publicist for the one sheet: write new bio, craft a blurb about what the new album is about, design the layout on canvaask the musicians i requested quotes about the new album from to deliver their quote so i can quote them on the one sheetfinalize the band for our final hook and ladder show dec 18th, check in with vegan food trucks finalize the line up for album release party may 22 at hook and ladderask my accountant for an extension for 2019 taxesrequest 1099s to send off to my producer and bandmates fill out a direct deposit form to get paid from a gig last month order new coffee mug merch to sell at the next few 2019 showspaint two capybaras for a kickstarter backer and find suitable frames mail patreon rewards (people at certain levels get the limited edition vinyl EP of the majesty of beasts) submit a song to be considered for the video showcase for Duluth Homegrown Music Festival write a grant application to fund a mantra album i’d like to record in 2020take a bunch of shit to goodwillclean the garage rake the leavesgo for a run cook food, eat foodwrite 100 thank you notes for kickstarter backersbuy my mom and dad birthday presentsbuy xmas gifts for my family and boyfriend email all retreat-goers for Naniboujou Creativity and Yoga Retreat Nov 22-24 about getting their liability waivers in and print / file liability waiversfinish creating the opening, closing, and fire ceremonies for the Naniboujou Retreatemail the finalized room list to Naniboujou and pay email the chef at Naniboujou about the vegan mealsemail the presenters / teachers / massage therapist for the retreat about any swag they’d like to give to guests Continue to promote the Creativity and Yoga Retreat in Taos June 3-7try and fill the last spot for the Bali Retreat March 6-13email the new single to a few more Minnesota radio stations winterize the house and prepare it for house sitterbook my return flight from Balibook the flight from Rishikesh to Bali book lodging for me & dylan to stay in Rishikesh and Varanasifinalize lesson plan for thursday’s mantra & meditation series (Sanskrit 101 and Vedic chants)promote Fridays “Developing your Personal Practice” workshop at Yess Yoga finalize lesson plan for the above personal practice workshoppaint a bunch more cow portraits for the pop up at J. Selby’s on Dec 10thmake a spotify playlist for J.Selby’s pop upmake a yoga safety plan for a November retreat-goer with scoliosis to keep her back safeprepare for a few coaching meetings with musician/yogi entrepreneursmake sure to have sales tax accounted for and paid for merch sales before leaving make sure to have insurance paidswitch all bills to e-billscheck in with secretary of state to make sure llc is in good standingrearrange music lesson students for the holidaysstart to layout the Live at the Mission Room album for Patreon members buy coffeestart the packing list for Nov retreat design welcome notes for Naniboujou and Bali retreatsfinalize itinerary handbills for Naniboujou and Bali retreatscheck in about creating a music video before i leave for the album release in May get an external hard drive buy travel insurance (AIG was awesome) rehearse mantras with Tara for our Nov. 20th Mission Room showrehearse Julia Floberg’s song for our Nov 20th Mission Room showcreate setlist for the mission room showorder piano books for a few new studentseventually ship ALL the kickstarter ordersrespond to many emails write an hour a day and send some work to my editor finish e-course launch e-course sleep What does your day look like? WOULD LOVE TO HEAR FROM YOU!! Do you have any tips for staying organized that you can enlighten us with? Do you have any tips for working with overwhelm that you would graciously share with us? Thank you so much for reading! And if you don’t see me much in the next few months, well, make that 6 months since I’m leaving the country!), big love to you and best best wishes on all of your endeavors! xoxoxo mary SPECIAL OFFER through October: “Live at the Mission Room” album Before the official album The World is Your Lover album comes out May 22nd 2020, I’m super excited to release an exclusive digital album to my Patreon friends and members if you sign up before the Nov 19th! It will be “Live at the Mission Room” – 10 songs recorded during our four month residency this fall, graciously recorded by Henri Minette. In this you will get some banter, some special guest appearances, and hear how some new and old songs sound in a live setting. 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