Kings of War: Third Edition - Titans – Mantic Blog
CHOOOOOO! CHOOOOOO! What’s that noise? Oh, it’s only the Kings of War: Third Edition Hype Train pulling into the station once more. So far this week, we’ve previewed the new rulebook and the excellent two-player starter set. Today, we’re taking a look at some BIG models before talking more about the Northern Alliance (and another wonderful surprise) tomorrow. With Kings of War: Third Edition we wanted to make sure that every army has a standout centrepiece. You know, that mighty mini that you get inspired by and build your army around. We’ve got some already for Second Edition – with the likes of the Steel Behemoth, Chroneas or Greater Water Elemental – but for Third Edition we want to go even BIGGER! So, say hello to the Titans! Titans are a new class of unit in Third Edition and typically come on a 75mm base. Of course, we’ve already seen some – like the Giant, Terror and Greater Earth Elemental – in Second Edition, but the launch of Third Edition gives us the chance to make even more (and even bigger) Titans. FROST GIANT Painted by Studio Giraldez. Let’s start with one of the biggest: the Frost Giant. If you [...]