Kings of War Third Edition: Shadows in the North – Mantic Blog
Have you recovered from the excitement of yesterday’s rulebook tease? We’ve had a fantastic response so far from the Kings of War community and we’ve still got plenty more to reveal. Oh, and just in case you want more rulebook peeks, head over to OnTabletop for some additional pages. Anyway, on to today’s blog, which is covering the brand-new two-player starter set: Shadows in the North. Two-player starter sets are always a great introduction to a game, and we’ve had fantastic success with previous sets, such as Battle for the Glades and Battle for Iron Hold. With a two-player set, you can share the cost with a friend and get two great starter armies, ready to learn the game. Or, of course, you can keep all the wonderful minis for yourself! With Third Edition, we want as many people as possible to get into Kings of War, so we’ve put together a very exciting set that’s packed with the new hotness: Nightstalkers and Northern Alliance! Shadows in the North tells the story of a Nightstalker incursion into the Winterlands. Inside the set, you’ll get a booklet that gives some background on the story, details about each faction and a mini [...]