Road to Kings of War Third Edition - Part Deux – Mantic Blog
Hello everyone! Hopefully by now you’re up to speed on all the Kings of War Third Edition excitement. Basically, it’s coming this October. It’s going to be awesome. You need to get it. Of course, we are VERY excited here at HQ and a bunch of us have started preparing new armies for Third Edition. Last week we kicked off our new series (Road to Third Edition) with a preview of what some of us are working on. Today we’re back with some more armies from Kyle, Clive and Elvis. Over to you… KYLE – NORTH AMERICAN SALES (FORCES OF NATURE) Kyle has even done a video about his Water Elemental. Fancy! I’ve always wanted to build up an all elemental Forces of Nature army. With the Road to Third Edition, this was a great opportunity to complete the force with Surge-able goodness! Starting with a core of Earth Elemental hordes, I’ll be adding the gorgeous Fire Elementals for incredible hitting power in two full hordes. Painting up raging flames personified means the color should really pop. I’ll also be building out three regiments of Water Elementals. Their speed and regeneration makes them quite an annoying target even in regiment [...]