Road to Kings of War Third Edition – Mantic Blog
Unless you’ve been under a rock for the past couple of weeks, by now you should know that Kings of War Third Edition will be launching this October. If you missed the announcement, make sure you read this blog. We’ll wait while you check it out… finished? Great! Bet you’re super excited now. Actually, you’re not the only one that’s excited. Here at Mantic we’re all buzzing with anticipation for Third Edition. So much so, that a bunch of us have pledged to get an army ready for the October launch. Some are going for a casual 1,000pts, whereas others are going for a full on 2,000pts. Getting a Kings of War army together is no mean feat, so hopefully our blogs will inspire others to start building and painting minis ready for Third Edition too. Of course, we’re in the lucky position of knowing what’s coming up for each army – so you might get the odd sneak peek at new units for Third Edition if you keep following our progress. Anyway, enough chatter – let’s see who is taking part! KIRSTEN – RESIN CASTER (BASILEANS) Why Basileans? Well Nightstalkers were already taken… but also, back in the mists [...]