Trident Realm Warband Card Pack – Mantic Blog
Ronnie here, dear blog readers! Today I’m taking over the blog to talk about the wonderful subject of Vanguard cards. When we launched Vanguard, we always knew that the lifeblood of a skirmish game is to create varied, fun and interesting warbands. What’s more, these warbands need to adapt to the ever-changing meta and remain balanced – so that requires a fair bit of playtesting (when I say fair bit, I mean sh*t loads!!!). So, in the rulebook we included introductory warbands for 14 factions – so everyone can get started – and since launch we kept topping up the choices with full warband releases, with extra units and new stats for existing units. Considering that Vanguard only launched last October, we’re already chunking through the factions and released the following: Forces of the AbyssNightstalkersBasileansNorthern AllianceDwarfsForces of NatureGoblinsTrident Realm As part of these releases, we also produce poker card sized warband reference cards. These provide a handy guide during games, so you always know what stats your fighters have. Alongside the warband cards, we’ve also been working with EasyArmy to provide an online warband building option that can be used to easily create faction lists, add equipment and then print [...]