The Walking Dead: Call to Arms - pre-orders now LIVE! – Mantic Blog
After a week of sneak peeks and previews, we’re delighted to say that pre-orders for The Walking Dead: Call to Arms are available NOW on the Mantic website – or pop in to your FLGS and ask them to get their orders in pronto. The good news is that over on the website, we’ve made it super easy for veterans and newcomers to get on board the Call to Arms hype train. SURVIVOR BUNDLE The Survivor Bundle is perfect for veterans of All Out War. It comes with everything you’ll need to get your existing mini collection ready for action in Call to Arms. Included in this collection, you get the rulebook, Lawful character cards, Ruthless character cards and equipment cards. TWO PLAYER BUNDLE If you’re relatively new to the world of The Walking Dead, then don’t worry! The two-player bundle is a great intro for newcomers. You’ll get two gangs, rulebook, loads of dice, equipment cards and measuring sticks/tokens. The only thing you might need are some Walkers. However, if you prefer to pick and choose your purchases, you can see the full list of releases below! CALL TO ARMS RULEBOOK This is the backbone of the Call to [...]