The Walking Dead: Call to Arms - what are Strategy Points? – Mantic Blog
We’re on day four of our Call to Arms week and we’ve only really scratched the surface of the game. Alongside the blogs, we’ve also been featuring videos with Ronnie talking about the game and over the coming weeks, we’ll be handing over to the likes of Blackjack Legacy and T&G Productions to give you even more in-depth coverage. However, today we wanted to talk about one of the big, exciting differences between All Out War and Call to Arms: Strategy Points. One of the phases in Call to Arms is the Strategy Phase. No, this isn’t the point you realise you’re terrible at tactics and start weeping into your replica Carl’s Hat. This is the point when you generate Strategy Points, ready to kick ass and take names (in that order). You generate Strategy Points (SP) based on your models’ Strategy Rating. The points can then be used to boost Actions, perform special actions and strategies, or sometimes to perform your Group Special Rule – as briefly mentioned in yesterday’s blog. If you look at a Survivor’s character card, typically they’ll have a Strategy Rating. If they have a – that means they don’t generate SPs. Take a look [...]