Vanguard: Your Club, Your Story – Mantic Blog
It’s amazing to think that it’s been less than a year since Vanguard was released at retail. In that relatively short space of time we’ve released seven warbands (Nightstalkers, Basileans, Northern Alliance, Abyssals, Dwarfs, Forces of Nature and Goblins), an equipment deck and held a sold-out tournament here at Mantic HQ. However, that’s really only the beginning of the Vanguard story. In the months to come we’ll be releasing the Ice & Iron supplement, featuring new campaign play and updated unit stats, alongside the new Undead faction. We’ve also got the Trident Realm release and our second sold out tournament (32 players, no less) at Mantic HQ in November. It’s all going rather swimming – and we’re just referring to the Trident Realm! Martin’s dwarfs, who even starred in their own video. Now cast your mind back to the launch of Vanguard and you’ll remember that we produced a serious of My Warband, My Story blogs. These blogs charted the progress of Mantic staff as they built and painted their warbands (or didn’t, in the case of Dave). In typical hobby fashion we all changed and swapped as time progressed too! Martin started with Northern Alliance, then moved on to [...]