When Rob's away Ronnie and Elvis come out to play. – Mantic Blog
When Rob’s away, Ronnie will play! We are in the middle of the year (where did it go?), and Rob has made the schoolboy error of going on holiday…leaving me to take over the newsletter, webstore and Blog – What could possibly go wrong!? So what’s hot? First up, the Goblins are in store right now… …and I don’t care what game you play, if you like greenskins, you are gonna love these nasty little fellas! Get along to your local store, or and get some while the first wave is still available (these are resin, so production takes a while!). ……WARNING – CONTAINMENT PROTOCOL – INITIATED….. With Deadzone continuing to grow in popularity, and welcoming new gamers the world over, we are back with this year’s upgrade to the core rules. The Containment Protocol: Escalation book gives every player: New factions, such as a Merc force and the Veer-myn Volt-chasersThe latest balanced and improved army lists for every factionNew Missions – and new secret MissionsInteractive Scenery – including computer terminals, specimen tanks and even Explosive Barrels! Alongside the book there is also an Incoming Intel Deck – allowing for in-game mission upgrades and new objectives – and of [...]