Deadzone Escalation - new minis and Starter Sets – Mantic Blog
Hope you enjoyed our tease of the contents in the Escalation supplement yesterday – if you missed out, make sure you read it here. Ahead of the information overload, which starts next week, today we’re highlighting some of the new or re-released miniatures accompanying the supplement. VEER-MYN VOLT-CHASERS As mentioned in yesterday’s blog, the Volt-Chasers are an exciting new option for Veer-myn players. We’re creating a new Volt Chasers starter set – led by the insidious Thorn or Crone Mother – so you can run them as a pure Volt-Chasers faction or add them to your existing space rats. REBS ALPHA STRIKE TEAM The Veer-myn aren’t the only faction getting a new starter set. The Rebs have been joined by Shayo Silverback and his team of hardened fighters. Shayo is a new leader for the Rebs and comes with a selection of new units, like the Simian Brawler. The Alpha Strike Team will only be available from the Mantic website and will be going up for pre-order next week. BOLTS/GRUNTBOT It’s Bolts – the happiest goblin alive! Bolts is a new leader for the Marauders and is sure to pack a punch against your foes. This metal kit comes with [...]