Deadzone Escalation Preview – Mantic Blog
Deadzone fans, it’s the release you’ve been waiting for! Containment Protocols: Escalation is the latest supplement for everyone’s (EVERYONE’S) favourite sci-fi skirmish game and will be available for pre-order – along with a host of other exciting Deadzone releases – next week from the Mantic website. But what the heck is Escalation and why should you be excited? Well, you damned heathen you should always be excited about a new Deadzone release, but just in case you need more persuading we’ve got a host of reasons below! Escalation is the hotly anticipated follow-up to last year’s Outbreak supplement, which sold out after only a few months. While Outbreak aimed to bring all the factions up to date with the latest errata and stat changes, Escalation does so much more. As well as including any new stats, Escalation also introduces new ways to play and abilities. It clocks in at a massive 120-pages and includes everything from Outbreak and lots, lots more… MERCENARIES One of the biggest overhauls in Escalation is a re-working of the existing mercenaries and a whole host of new mercs, that come courtesy of Star Saga. Not only have the mercs been rebalanced to make them more [...]