Brush with Death Spring 2019 Winners – Mantic Blog
In today’s blog we’re handing over to Paul Welsh to announce the winners of our Brush with Death painting competition. Paul is a previous winner of our prestigious painting competition and we asked him to help judge this year’s contest. Before we start, we want to thank everyone that entered (it was our biggest ever) and our co-sponsors, Vallejo and Artis Opus. Without further ado, Paul it’s over to you… With a fantastic selection of entries, judging proved to be an incredibly tough task but what a pleasure it was to see all of your miniatures. Whatever a person’s level, preparing and executing an entry for a painting completion is a proud and satisfying feeling and every entrant deserves commendation. But, after some tough judging, we do have our winners… Let’s get started with ‘Best Army’. An incredibly dedicated and time-consuming category to enter but also incredibly rewarding. The army category has different considerations to things such a ‘Single Miniature’, as rather than simply looking at each unit and miniature individually, you need to judge the composition as a whole. The winner of this category was Jim Cockburn. Jim is well known in the Kings of War UK community for [...]