The Walking Dead - Conflict 2019 – Mantic Blog
Hello survivors, the boys over at the T&G Productions YouTube channel are back again to talk about their newest iteration of the world’s premier The Walking Dead Miniatures Game Event, Conflict 2019. Building on the success of last year’s Conflict, the lads have set an ambitious task of making this year’s event a weekender. Conflict 2019 will be held once again at The Forge in Manchester over the 5th-6th October and will feature The Walking Dead: All Out War and the upcoming large-scale Walking Dead wargame. The Saturday will focus on All Out War and the expansion to last year’s Conflict narrative campaign which focused on a civil war within the walls of New Haven, a lone outpost against the undead horde. This year’s ominously-titled ‘The Long Road’ focuses on the fall out and effects on the survivors, who until now had lived safe and protected lives behind their walls. Until, that is, the explosive conclusion of the 2018 event, which saw the Walkers lay siege to the Haven. Event Organiser Paul Preston said: “Last year we tried something new and it worked, we held a great event that people really enjoyed, 22 players was a great achievement and we [...]