Vanguard Goblins: New Units – Mantic Blog
What do we want? GOBLINS! What else do we want? MORE DETAILS! When do we want those details? IMMEDIATELY OR WHEN WE HAVE CHANCE TO SIT DOWN AND READ THEM, POSSIBLY WITH A CUP OF TEA. Fair enough! Anyway, after already covering key units and warband abilities, today we’re focusing on some of the brand-new goblin units that are being introduced this month. Alongside the existing units, you’ve now got the option to add powerful new commanders, war machines and lots more goblin goodies. We won’t spoil all the surprises but here are a few of the highlights. WINGGIT Well, were we going to start anywhere else? The Winggit is the stand out entry in the goblin warband. Flying (or falling gracefully, if you like) above the battlefield, safely away from the thick of the action, the Winggit acts as a spotter and can rain bombs on your foes. The Eye in the Sky ability has the power to give your ranged units a clear shot against key targets. Of course, the downside is, you’re going to have to get within 9” of the enemy, which will almost certainly put you in Charge range. Thankfully the Winggit does have Implacable [...]