Vanguard Goblins: Key Units – Mantic Blog
It’s time for more sweet, sweet goblin goodness! In our previous blog we previewed the goblin’s special warband ability, along with their suitably sneaky spells. In today’s blog we’re reviewing the key units already included in the downloadable rules and book, before going on to some of the exciting new units tomorrow. BIGGIT The Biggit is your standard command option for the goblins. If you’re already a goblin player, you may notice a couple of changes compared to the version included in the book. Firstly, he now only generates two red dice, rather than one white and one red die. But it’s not all bad! The Biggit has had a Nerve boost and has dropped from 37 points to 32. One of the benefits of the regular warband releases is that we can adjust and errata units that we think need a boost or downgrading a little. After review, the Biggit generated a little too much power but also the cost was a little high. At 32 points it’s now easily possible to squeeze two Biggits into your list to make up for any potential power shortage. WIZ No changes for the Wiz, compared to the original but he’s certainly [...]