Vanguard Goblins: Warband abilities and spells! – Mantic Blog
Throughout the land. Underneath the land. In fact, all over the land you’ll find goblins. These small, malicious, mischievous and green-skinned individuals are typically overlooked – and not just because of their diminutive stature. Written off by the Basileans who fear the threat of the Abyss more keenly. Dismissed by the dwarfs as they fight against their brethren twisted by an unnatural lust for gold. Laughed at by the elves that see them as an irritant to their lofty plans. The goblins have been left to spread and plot their various schemes. They’re green! They’re mean! They’re prone to scream! That’s right, the goblins are almost here for Vanguard. This is one of our biggest Vanguard launches yet, with new units, new rules, new miniatures and lots of exciting Vanguard content. In fact, the launch of the goblins really kicks off several months of amazing fantasy content from Mantic. We’ve got the goblins, lots of new Vanguard live streams, the upcoming Vanguard supplement Ice & Iron, Trident Realm and lots, lots more! In today’s blog, we’re going to be giving an overview of the goblins. Later in the week, we’ll have a run down of the key units, plus some [...]