Developing Hellboy: The Board Game - Agent Actions – Mantic Blog
It’s James again here and today I’ve agreed to divulge some secrets about how Agent Actions work. At the start of each round in a game of Hellboy: The Board Game, each player takes a trio of Action Cubes and puts them on their Agent Card. These cubes can then be spent in the Agent phase, each one fuelling an Action. What’s really interesting is that there’s no set player order – the Cubes can be spent however you wish. Hellboy could use a cube to shoot a Frog Monster, then Hellboy could leap in to punch it, then Abe could follow… it’s entirely freeform, which leads to some very interesting discussion around the table! There are plenty of Actions to choose from, some of which you might be using more than others. Here’s a nifty breakdown… MOVE This is the most straightforward Action, letting an agent move up to two areas. However, even this is not without an interesting wrinkle. If at any point you try to leave an area that’s occupied by any enemies, you have a decision to make. Either you try to dodge past them, taking a point of Damage in the process, or you let [...]