Developing Hellboy: The Board Game - Encounters! – Mantic Blog
Welcome everyone to another of our thrilling entries exploring the intricacies of Hellboy: The Board Game. Just in case you’re still catching up, we’ve already covered: Agent Cards, Case Files, the HQ Board and Deck of Doom… phew, that’s a lot of stuff and we’re not finished yet. Today we’re talking about how you explore the board. Back in the early days of development we always knew that we wanted the board to grow and change as the players explored the location. After all, the BPRD agents often don’t know the exact location of their target and end up taking unexpected twists along the way (often through the floor too). As a result, when you’re playing the Hellboy game, the playing area will develop along the way. The initial set up is dictated by whatever Case File (remember those? Keep up, we only talked about them the other day) you’re playing through. This will show you what tiles to place and which way to arrange them. Taking a closer look at an example tile below you’ll see it’s split into four areas. But why is the tile split into four areas? Well, fret not dear reader because we’re about to tell you. There are actually [...]