Developing Hellboy: The Board Game - Deck of DOOM! – Mantic Blog
Hello everyone, it’s James here with another guest blog giving a designer’s view of Hellboy: The Board Game. The aim of these posts is to give you guys a taste of the gameplay you can expect from Hellboy: The Board Game – which is available to order now, by the way. Yesterday, the lovely Rob did a great job of explaining how the HQ board works, and what its various bits are for. One of these was the Impending Doom track, which acts as a kind of timer, ticking down turn by turn until it launches the Confrontation, regardless of whether you’re ready for it. A shrewd group of players will investigate their hearts out and uncover the big boss before this happens, but through playtesting I’ve seen countless cases where the agents took their sweet time, thinking they had ages before things took a turn for the worse. See, here’s the thing: you don’t always know how quickly the Impending Doom track will advance, thanks to the Deck of Doom. The Deck of Doom is one of the three decks that runs a game of Hellboy. You’ve got the Case File deck, which I explained previously, and which handles [...]