Developing Hellboy: The Board Game - HQ Board – Mantic Blog
For today’s blog we’re looking at the HQ board, featuring the Impending Doom Track and Information Gathered Track. If you’ve read our previous blog on the early development of Hellboy you’ll know that the game is split into two key elements: combat and investigation. This split between the two parts is represented perfectly by the HQ Board. This large board sits near the game tiles and is used to track a number of different elements. But what’s it all mean? Not life, just the board. TARGET PRIORITY As mentioned in our previous blog about the Agent Cards, during the course of the game enemies will target different agents. Each agent has a token on this track that is used to choose what agent will be affected by certain events during the course of the game. Whenever this happens, the agent whose token is at the front of the queue (in the bottom area) is chosen as the target. If they are not an eligible target, they are ignored and the next agent along is chosen as the target. Whenever an agent is chosen as a target in this way, their token is moved to the far right of the track. [...]