Forces of Nature: Key Units for your Warband – Mantic Blog
Following our previous review of the Forces of Nature’s unique spells and warband abilities, today we’re highlighting some of their key units. As you might expect, the Forces of Nature are a diverse bunch – ranging from powerful Centaurs to magical druids and woodland animals. At the heart of the Forces of Nature warband is, of course, the druid! Although not a commander, the druid is a key aspect of the warband with a host of offensive and defensive spells – alongside access to the Barrier of Vines unique spell we covered earlier in the week. Keep your druid a safe distance from the enemy, but not too far away, so you can still take advantage of the druid’s Inspiring ability. If you do want a druid with a bit more oomph, then consider the Gladewalker Druid. This is a command option (alongside a Spellcaster) but comes with a neat range of spells. In particular, it’s worth highlighting Tanglefoot, which would normally cost an additional 10pts because it’s from the Advanced Spellbook. Tanglefoot is great for slowing fast opponents down and reduces theiruu effectiveness in combat and defense. The Gladewalker Druid is also great for neutralising powerful enemy spellcasters, thanks [...]